Seeds are the source of life for plants but, for humans, they are the source of healing. In this product, nature’s most nutrient-rich seeds are finely ground to release substances that reduce inflammation, repair damaged DNA, and refresh cells with uncontaminated Omega-6 oils. The success stories of people who thought their disorders were incurable will amaze you. Seed- source nutrition is nature’s most powerful healer.

Product Description

Hi. I’m Ed Griffin.
I would like to tell you about seed nutrition and how it impacted my world-class case of shingles (Click image.)







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If this is your first exposure to seed nutrition, you probably would like to know more about what is does and how it works. This short videos will answer those questions.


Seed nutrition is where nature and science come together. ~~ Bradford Weeks, MD









After 52-years of crippling pain from seven crushed spinal disks, I am now pain-free. ~~ Estel Richardson







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Allergies, knee pain, and nasal drip banished by seed nutrition. Amazing! ~~ Joan Glover








Success stories from patients − and my own recovery as well. ~~ Bradford Weeks, MD









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From JoyAnna Buschjost, 2017, February.
“I’m FINALLY ready to share a secret I’ve been keeping for over 2 months!! Starting in June of 2013 I had my first ever pancreas attack. It was horrible pain that sent me straight to the ER. This continued every 6-8 weeks for the next 15 months. It eventually increased to every 2 weeks to once a week! I had developed chronic pancreatitis. I saw 2 different GI specialists, had 2 abdominal ultrasounds, an MRI, a HIDA scan, and finally an EGD where they took biopsies of my small intestine, stomach lining and fluid….NOTHING…they could find no reason or cause for the flare ups. Exhausting every option and willing to try ANYTHING, I found a supplement that has provided 100% relief!! It’s called Soul, made by Rain International. I’m 100% pain free. I haven’t had a single attack of pancreatitis, no digestive issues, and I’ve rarely had any pain of any kind since, including headaches!”


From Ashley, 2017 February:
“My son, who now is 4-months old, had suffered with horrible acid reflux since he was 3-weeks old. His reflux was so bad that no one would want to hold him or let alone watch him. He would sleep in a chair that inclined bccause just slanting the bed didn’t work!

“Doctor tried several different medications and kept telling me to add cereal to his bottles to thicken it. Then they wanted to add a heartburn medicine to his bottles as well. I finally got frustrated bccause nothing was working. I decided to call my friend, Shawna Martin, and ask her about oils. Well, she said I have something else for you to try. That’s when she introduced us to CORE. I said OK let’s try it.

“We went to his 2-month check up a couple weeks later, and the doctor said, whatever you are doing is working, and I’m not even gonna refill his medicine. (which I already had stopped and was just giving him CORE after each bottle). It was an instant change. Now he’s the happiest baby, always smiling, and cooing! I started taking the SOUL and absolutely LOVE it! As you see in the picture, so does my 2-year-old daughter!”


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