Red Pill Expo 2020 ~ Jekyll Island (DVD)

This video album contains 18 hours of presentations at the Red Pill Expo Jekyll Island, Georgia, on October 10-11, 2020. It was an amazing event in many ways, not the least of which is the fact that it was held at the height of the first round of Coronavirus lockdown when most people had been convinced by politicians and newscasters that public events of this kind are health hazards. While almost everyone else was obediently wearing masks and refraining from close contact, here were 700 free spirits who had done their homework and knew that the pandemic was political theater. Not only were they not wearing masks, they rearranged the chairs so everyone could be up close and personal. The presentations, however – as you can see from the descriptions below – were an even greater source of amazement.

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Damn the torpedoes, FULL speed ahead!

This video album contains eighteen hours of presentations at the Red Pill Expo Jekyll Island, Georgia, on October 10-11, 2020. It was an amazing event in many ways, not the least of which is the fact that it was held at the height of the first round of Coronavirus lockdown when most people had been convinced by politicians and newscasters that public events of this kind are health hazards. While almost everyone else was obediently wearing masks and refraining from close contact, here were 700 free spirits who had done their homework and knew that the pandemic was political theater. Not only were they not wearing masks, they rearranged the chairs so everyone could be up close and personal. The presentations, however, were an even greater source of amazement. Here is a brief overview:

24 presentations, 10 DVDs. 18 hours. Includes 1 bonus disk from Reality Zone; Invisible Ballots, A Invitation for Electronic Vote Fraud.  

Hear from the masters − renowned teachers who will show you how to break free from the Matrix − and, thereby secure your health, financial independence, and personal freedom. 


The Red Pill Expo 2020 Opening & Welcome by Dan Happel, Event Director

Donna Fiducia & Don Neuen, Event MCs team up each week to deliver headlines and interviews with high profile guests. The combination of Fiducia/Neuen provides humor, as well as highly vetted information on a wide variety of subjects from politics and current events, to military intelligent and foreign affairs.

Stuart Rhodes ~ The Purpose and Promise of Oath Keepers
Founder of Oath Keepers. He served as a paratrooper in the Army (airborne reconnaissance), worked on the DC staff of Congressman Ron Paul, graduated from Yale Law School in 2004, served as a volunteer firefighter in Montana, and was a state certified concealed carry pistol and security instructor in Nevada. Stewart has appeared in a number of historical documentary movies as a speaker and producer, is a frequent speaker on constitutional issues and is a strong advocate for the revitalization of the militia system (made up of all able bodied U.S. citizens).

Sheriff Richard Mack ~ Protecting against Tyranny as Well as Crime
Sheriff of Graham County, Arizona, from 1988 through 1997. He became nationally famous when he legally challenged the so-called “Brady Bill”, which he held to be a violation of the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. He took his case to the United States Supreme Court where he won a smashing victory. Since that time Mack has been tireless in his advocacy of the duty of county sheriffs to defend citizen rights against overreach by the federal government, which is why he is known as the Constitutional Sheriff.

The Titanic Never Sank, Documentary
This action-packed novel explores little known facts of that famous tragedy and provides jaw-dropping insights to the new discoveries that came about with the finding of the 100-year-old ship wreck. The book’s controversial scenario of what really happened that fateful night is amazingly consistent with the historical record. No other theory explains so many parts of the mystery. By Patrea Patrick, Ms. Patrick currently has a number of film releases and books, including Titanic: A Perfect Crime, and TEN DAYS AT JEKYLL ISLAND.

Andrew Kaufman, MD ~ The Pandemic Fraud Runs Deeper Than You Think
A natural healing consultant, inventor, public speaker, forensic psychiatrist, and expert witness. He completed his psychiatric training at Duke University Medical Center after graduating from the Medical University of South Carolina, and has a B.S. from M.I.T. in Molecular Biology. Kaufman has conducted and published original research and lectured, supervised, and mentored medical students, residents, and fellows in all psychiatric specialties and has been qualified as an expert witness in local, state, and federal courts. He has held leadership positions in academic medicine and professional organizations, and ran a start-up company to invent, patent, and develop medical devices.

John Rapport ~ The Cult of Covid is Based on Lies and Blind Faith
Has worked as a freelance investigative journalist for over 30 years and is the author of The Matrix Revealed, Exit From the Matrix, and: Power Outside the Matrix. Rappoport has written on a wide variety of subjects for numerous national and international publications and has hosted, written and reported on hundreds of radio and television programs including ABC’s Nightline, Tony Brown’s Journal (PBS) and Hard Copy. He ran for U.S. Congress, organized The Great Boycott against chemical and GMO giants worldwide, and has lectured throughout the U.S. on a variety of subjects including deep state politics, conspiracies, alternative health mind control, human potential, the power elite and many other subjects. 

Brad Weeks, MD ~ How to Survive and Thrive in Times of Covid
Founder and Medical Director of Alternative Health Advocates (AHA), an advocacy service for people seeking counsel when facing life threatening illnesses and the Corrective Health Institute Medical Education Services (CHIMES) offering lifesaving information for people seeking healthy strategies. Dr. Weeks has over 30 years of experience integrating conventional and innovative medicine into the field of “corrective” medicine and psychiatry which identifies and corrects deficiencies and toxicities on the physical, etheric, emotional and spiritual spheres. He offers “centisble” (i.e. safe, effective and cost-effective) therapeutic options for people facing life-threatening diseases. Dr. Weeks’ newsletter Centsible Health is free to those interested in learning about tomorrow’s medicine today! Dr. Weeks’ videos are available FREE on his YouTube channel.

Del Bigtree ~ It’s True. We Are Winning the War against Forced Vaccinations
One of the preeminent voices of the Vaccine Risk Awareness Movement. His career as an Emmy winning producer of the CBS talk show The Doctors changed abruptly when he produced the documentary VAXXED, which is credited with igniting a revolution against Pharmaceutical Tyranny around the world. Now Del’s internet talk show, The HighWire, is the fastest growing program in the Natural Health arena with over 70 million views, and his non-profit,, is leading worldwide investigations into drug and vaccine fraud that have already resulted in four winning lawsuits against US Government agencies HHS, NIH, FDA and CDC.

David Icke ~ Live from London, Responds to Audience Questions about Pandemic Theater
Former professional soccer player and BBC sports media personality who became a writer, public speaker and alternative media personality best known for his controversial views of who/what is controlling the world. Icke has written 16 books aimed at exposing the twisted thinking and participants of the new world order. Dubbed “New age Conspiricism”, Icke has attracted an international following across the political spectrum and is famous for his lectures on the subject of the power elite and their plans to destroy or subjugate humanity. His book The Biggest Secret has been called the conspiracy theorist’s Rosetta Stone, and his writings on 9/11 and other important political/historical events framed within conspiracies has made him a constant target of the establishment (mainstream) media.

Mikki Willis ~ Why I Produced Plandemic, the Internet’s Most-Viewed Film
Award winning filmmaker/humanitarian, respected internationally as an innovator of socially and environmentally conscious media. His passion for uniting creatives inspired the Elevate Film Festival in 2006. During its 3-year tour it earned the title of “the world’s largest single screen film event,” filling such arenas as The Kodak Theater and The Nokia Theater. Today, Mikki stands at the center of a global community of visionaries who realize the power of art and entertainment to inspire the masses and activate change. As a testament to their commitment to the planet and the people, Mikki and his team are often invited to document historic events and sacred ceremonies.

Alex Newman ~ Infected Money is Bunk. A Cashless Society is the Goal
President of Liberty Sentinel Media, Inc and has written for a wide array of publications in the United States and abroad. He currently serves as a contributor to the Epoch Times, a correspondent for the Law Enforcement Intelligence Brief, foreign correspondent for The New American magazine,  a writer for WND (World Net Daily), an education writer for Freedom Project Media, a columnist for the Illinois Family Institute, and much more. Alex serves as director of Red Pill University, connecting people around the world with leaders in the liberty movement.

Kerri Rivera ~ How I Helped 1,500 Children Recover from Autism
Author, speaker, health consultant and autism mom. She has helped over 1,500 kids recover from autism. After her son was diagnosed with autism in 2004, she began treating him with the standard treatments. He was a “non-responder” and after years of it she decided to try Chlorine Dioxide. He had an immediate and obvious improvement in symptoms, he began speaking in ways he hadn’t for years. Kerri began to share her discovery with the world. Her 2014 Book, Healing The Symptoms Known As Autism, was translated in 7 languages and a #1 Best Seller in the Health category on Amazon, before being banned. Her Facebook following was nearly 100k before being banned. Kerri has continued to write and document the wondrous results of Chlorine Dioxide treatment on chronic diseases.

George Gammon ~ The Great Reset – to Servitude
an American real estate investor and entrepreneur who produces and stars The Rebel Capitalist Show. After 12 years as a successful entrepreneur, George semi-retired, and shifted into real estate, where he has remodeled and flipped over 40 properties in and out of the United States. Also, is a gifted teacher with a passion for learning and teaching macroeconomics through his website.

Robert Kiyosaki ~ Last Call for Economic Reality. Dreamers Will Not do Well
Best known as the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad — the #1 personal finance book of all time — Robert Kiyosaki has challenged and changed the way tens of millions of people around the world think about money. He is an entrepreneur, educator, and investor who believes that each of us has the power to makes changes in our lives, take control of our financial future, and live the rich life we deserve. To learn more visit

Tim Ray ~ The Sleeping Masses Are Waking up ‒ Let’s Accelerate the Process
An award-winning international, speaker and a no “bs”, truth-seeker. He was tired of “toxic media” bombarding the world with negativity, So, in 2009 he founded the United Intentions Foundation & the UI Media Network a nonprofit organization whose mission is to assist others in learning how to transform worrisome thoughts into positive intentions to create inspired actions. He is the host of Frequency Wars and Awaken Atlanta & will be discussing how do we wake up the sleeping masses before tyranny becomes our way of life.

Cynthia McKinney ~ Identity Politics is Divide-and-Conquer in Disguise
Former six term Congresswoman from Georgia, best known for her confrontational style and no-nonsense approach to representative constitutional government. Although a Democrat by party affiliation, she gained a reputation as a critic of the “establishment” of both parties because of her contempt for the business as usual political/administrative state holding average Americans by the throat. McKinney’s dedication to truth, her work ethic and fearlessness gained her many fans among the liberty minded, and many enemies among the political establishment that she continues to challenge. She currently teaches Political Science at the university level and travels worldwide slaying the dragons of globalism and military interventionism.

Randy Pinocci & Dan Happel ~ Stop Complaining and Run for Office

Randy Pinocci is an elected Public Service Commissioner representing the largest Public Service District in Montana. He also served as a Legislator in the Montana House of Representatives, Statewide Staff Director for U.S. Senator Conrad Burns, Chaired the Republican Second Amendment Committee as a NRA Board Member, and Board Member for the Montana Shooting Sports Association. Don’t fight city hall when you can be city hall is a slogan that Pinocci takes very seriously and asks that others join him in saving America.

Dan Happel is a successful small business owner/entrepreneur, a well known radio host, former County Commissioner and nationally recognized expert on UN Agenda 21/2030. Happel works with liberty groups nationwide and excels in bringing organizations and individuals together to solve critical political and constitutional problems. His radio podcast “Connecting the Dots” brings the brightest and the best to audiences worldwide and covers subjects that the mainstream media willfully avoids. Happel ranches in Southwest Montana and works closely with G. Edward Griffin at Freedom Force international, the Red Pill Expo and Red Pill University.

Christian Westbrook ~ Engineered Food Shortages, Weapon for Political Control
Creator of the Ice Age Farmer Broadcast, at, which looks deeply at all things food: from the natural cycles of the sun, to dark agendas, with permaculture and regenerative practices in between. He has a background in Artificial Intelligence/Robotics and music, loves his wife and sons, and is thrilled and honored to be a part of the Red Pill Expo.

Marjory Wildcraft ~ How to Grow Emergency Food Even in the City
The Grow Network’s founder, Marjory Wildcraft is featured in “Who’s Who in America” for her work in building deep community resilience, restoring heirloom genetics in gardens and livestock, and the return to natural medicine across the Nation. National Geographic featured Marjory as an expert in sustainable living, and she has hosted Mother Earth New’s online “Homesteading Summit”. Marjory also hosts the annual Home Grown Food Summit, which reaches hundreds of thousands of viewers every year.

G. Edward Griffin ~ Who Are THEY?
Writer and documentary film producer with many successful titles to his credit. Listed in Who’s Who in America, he is well known because of his talent for researching difficult topics and presenting them in clear terms that all can understand. He has dealt with such diverse subjects as archaeology and ancient Earth history, the Federal Reserve System, terrorism, internal subversion, the history of taxation, U.S. foreign policy, the science and politics of cancer therapy, the Supreme Court, and the United Nations. His better-known works include The Creature from Jekyll Island, World without Cancer, and The Fearful Master. He is Founder and President of American Media and The Cancer Cure Foundation, and publisher of Need to Know News. He is Founder of Freedom Force International and creator of Red Pill University and Red-Pill Expos. 

David Martin, PhD ~ Technocracy is Driving Our Species to Extinction
A business man, professor, author, storyteller, inventor, global foresight advisor, father, friend and Creator of the CNBC IQ100 index now published as the leading economic indicator for the U.S. and Global Economy by The Conference Board, he specializes in putting humanity back into humans – and business.


Red Pill University, Where Courage & Wisdom are fused into Action
If you like Red Pill Expo, you will go wild over Red Pill University. It’s like RPE 365 days a year – in the comfort of your home. Now forming campuses. Establish one in your community.

Check out the Red Pill University web site to get a feel for the great programming underway there. It’s on the way to becoming the largest and most comprehensive repository of information of this kind in the world.

Invisible Ballots; A Temptation for Electronic Vote Fraud 
“Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything.” – Attributed to Joseph Stalin
Governments are installing computerized voting systems with no paper record to verify accuracy. Elections will be controlled by companies that do not allow voters to inspect their software. If vote counting becomes privatized, there may be no way to get it back. High-tech vote fraud is already a reality. If you value your vote, you absolutely must get this information to your friends – and fast!

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