Little Cyanide Cookbook

A professional nutritionist offers over 300 tasty recipes containing, not poison, but the life-saving substance known as Laetrile. 192-page book.


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Delicious Recipes Rich in Vitamin B17

By June de Spain.
A professional nutritionist offers over 300 tasty recipes rich in the cyanide containing substance that many scientists believe is nature’s control for cancer. Cyanide, in minute quantities and in proper food forms, instead of being poisonous, actually is essential to health. 192-page book.

Sorry, Ladies, this is NOT a manual on how to scuttle an over-insured husband! To the contrary, it’s a delightful guide for keeping him around–and the rest of the family, too–for many years of health and vigor.

Nutritionist June de Spain has compiled three-hundred taste-tested recipes rich in natural sources of vitamin B17, the cyanide-containing substance that many doctors and scientists now believe is nature’s control for cancer.

Because of its unique molecular structure, this compound releases cyanide only at the cancer site, thus destroying cancer cells while nourishing non-cancer tissue. Those populations in the world which eat these vitamin-rich foods simply do not get cancer–and they live to be much older than those who subsist on the typical modern diet.

Here’s the long-awaited book that shows what foods contain this vital nutritional factor and how to prepare them for the whole family. Most of these recipes are for foods that we eat every day not exotic meals. Some recipes are for Ice Cream, Tuna Casserole, Tostadas, Spaghetti, Sweet and Sour Shrimp, Apple Cobbler, and many more.

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