This product was developed to combat the symptoms of toxicity that many people experience during times when the sky is laden with gray haze from high-flying aircraft. The formula includes a wide spectrum of herbal remedies and nutritional supplements that are know for their ability to help the body eliminate toxic metals, chemicals, and pathogens.


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If you are already familiar with this product and want to proceed directly to the order section, click here. (Commentary by G. Edward Griffin) Look at the graphic on the photo to the left and you will know what EnvioShield is all about. It was developed by Matt and Olesya Novik, who live in Southern California, to combat the symptoms of toxicity they were experiencing on those days when the sky is laden with gray haze from high-flying aircraft. Matt described their symptoms as: “Everything from Asthma, Neuropathy, Vertigo, fatigue, frequent illness, etc. It was to the point where both my wife and I had to rely on an inhaler to breathe properly.” They were convinced that the increase in levels of toxic chemicals found in soil and rainwater following these “chemtrail” events had a lot to do with their deteriorating health. Instead of just complaining about it, they decided to take action. After determining what those chemicals were, they researched known methods for safely removing them from the body. They found there was plenty of information on these remedies but, because they come from nature and cannot be patented, they are ignored by the pharmaceutical industry and not used by mainstream medicine.

HOW ENVIO-SHIELD WAS DEVELOPED Matt and Olesya experimented with these substances one at a time, then in combinations, always checking for effectiveness and possible adverse reactions. After many months, they found a potent combination that gave them the relief they were seeking.MatAndOlesyaNovik

The problem was that, with each component purchased separately, the cost was high ˗ several hundred dollars a month for their family. The logical solution, they thought, was to put them into a single product with all the components blended in the right proportion. That did reduce the dosage cost, but it requited an order for a minimum of a thousand bottles before a formulating lab would even talk to them. By then, many of their friends had tried the formula, found that it also worked for them, and wanted a less expensive alternative, so Matt and Olesya decided to bite the bullet and place an order. EnvioShield was born. I like this story for two reasons. First, the product is excellent in every way. It is long overdue, and I am thankful that now there is a convenient and modestly priced safeguard against all the deadly stuff being dumped into our environment. Second, this is an example of good-old free-market entrepreneurship where people see a need, find a solution, and are willing to take a risk to convert that solution into an enterprise. I wish Matt and Olesya great success in this venture. The following information is from the manufacturer’s web site

  • Heavy-Metal Detoxification
  • Natural Antibiotics
  • Supports Healthy Blood
  • Immune Function Support

Toxins in our polluted environment can have adverse health effects that are cumulative. Symptoms of most poisons do not generally appear until they reach a critical level, so we think it’s wise to shield yourself and loved ones before symptoms appear. It’s just a matter of time before environmental toxins will impact your health.


Our Four-Tiered Approach to Wellness

Tier#1: Metal Detoxification

Independent evaluation and analysis of chemtrail fallout has scientifically confirmed it to include many toxic substances, a good percentage of which are toxic metals. These range from aluminum oxide particles and arsenic, to chromium and nickel, all the way down to lead and even mercury. Needless to say, such metals are extremely toxic to the human body — in even the smallest amounts. Once sprayed into the atmosphere, these metal spores enter our bodies through the air we breath, the water we drink, and even our food sources — which, no matter how organic, are still grown in the soil infested with these poisons. Our bodies are incapable of ridding themselves of the high volumes of these metals with which they’re presented. Mercury, arsenic, and lead are especially dangerous and hard to eliminate. This where EnvioShieldcomes in! We’ve packed our potent supplement with what can be considered antidotes to metal poisoning! The high grade alginate, vitamins E and C, malic acid, and just the right amount of selenium are all present in perfect ratios to produce a counteractive effect, helping your body eliminate these poisonous metals before they wreak havoc on your health.

Tier#2:  Natural Antibiotics

Independent scientific tests have also confirmed the presence of various mycoplasma, along with several forms of fungal spores in chemtrail particles. Everything from bacilli, to the enterobacteriaceae family of bacteria, to enterobacter cloacae, to mold spores were found in the air and water which were tested in newly sprayed areas. These bacteria and spores can be highly pathogenic if left uncontrolled, especially considering the high volume introduced to our environment, and therefore our bodies, on a daily basis. Factoring this into our equation, we felt the need to include several forms of natural antibiotics that would be strong and effective against these pathogens, yet perfectly harmless to our bodies. This is where the addition of caprylic acid, oregano root extract, pau d’arco, and ginger root entered the picture. This list of ingredients was selected out of dozens of possible contenders, which were narrowed down to the most potent yet natural choices possible. EnvioShield contains these highly tested ingredients in flawlessly formulated ratios for optimum efficacy against proven chemtrail pathogens. Are you now starting to see just how powerful this supplement is and appreciate the lengths to which we’ve gone to ensure it lives up to its claims? We’re only halfway done!

Tier#3: Blood Support

It doesn’t take a PhD in biology to understand that when the human body is under heavy environmental stress, it’s bound to suffer in just about every one of its systems — the cardiovascular and circulatory system being one of the first to feel the effects of increased outside stressors. This is the reason so many of us get high blood pressure and begin developing heart problems when our health is otherwise compromised. We realize that in order for your body to fight off any undue pathogens, toxins, and poisons, it must first and foremost be supported from the inside-out. And the primary source of this support comes in the form of the blood circulating through you! Our third fundamental group of ingredients is based on this principle, and is anchored by the highest quality gingko biloba found anywhere, along with ginger root and CoQ10 for good measure. Gingko biloba has been shown in hundreds of studies to increase blood flow velocity and lower blood pressure, helping to maintain your overall health. CoEnzyme Q10 is well known for not only its amazing cardiovascular benefits, but also its unparalleled antioxidant qualities; which brings us to our next and final tier…

Tier#4: Antioxidants

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in our decades of combined health expertise, it’s that nothing helps a body fight off illness as well as antioxidants. There’s a reason we rush to take vitamin C at the first sign of a cold — it’s effective and has been for ages! Antioxidants go to work supporting our own immune system; we like to see them as little warriors defending their territory against any toxins before they become a problem. Not only that, but many studies have actually shown highly concentrated antioxidant intake to keep the body looking and functioning years younger than its calendar years! We thought you’d like a potent dose of these wonders in your supplement — we sure did, so we added the most effective ones we could find to EnvioShield! The included highly potent antioxidant blend contains the antioxidants E, C, and possibly the single, most effective of all antioxidants available, CoEnzyme Q10. We didn’t skimp on quality nor the dose; you will feel the benefits of these amazing ingredients, guaranteed! EnvioLabel2 INFORMATION OVERLOAD? We have just scratched the surface of information about why EnvioShieldactually does what it claims but, if you are not interested in technical details, you can skip directly to the order section. However, if you want to know how each ingredient interacts with different kinds of toxic elements and chemicals and check out the scientific sources for this information, click here. IT REALLY WORKS! Letters from happy customers have confirmed that EnvioShield is doing everything it was designed to do and a bit more.

ChrisBlack“Your product truly works. You’ll be happy to know I took just one capsule before going to an Indians game on a night with heavy spray. By the end of the game the whole crowd looked like zombies (sadly) and I had forgotten they even sprayed! Thanks again for such a good product.” ~ Chris Black – www.ChrisBlackOhio.com

“I am not one to push a product (and never have before), but this is the first one that I stand behind…. I believe in this product and list it on my own website.” ~ Jacqui B. – www.ChemtrailPlanet.com

Jordan“I recently purchased EnvioShield and after only a few weeks I noticed a major difference in my daily energy levels and alertness at work. I am a active runner, and the daily use of this product has made my recovery faster, and I never have to fight the atmosphere for a breath of fresh air. Thank you for bringing this product into my life.” ~ Jordan, Happy & Healthy Customer

“I have been taking EnvioShield for just 2 weeks and already see the stuff is great! My best friend told me about it. I couldn’t believe it and had to do some research on my own, which is how I found your web page. I have been looking for something like this for a long time. A lot of good stuff all in one bottle! Keep it up!” ~ Terry G, Newport Beach, CA

gillian“I opened a capsule and can smell how powerful this supplement is. I took one pill and definitely feel less tired than I did earlier. I can’t believe I took just one pill and can already feel a boost in energy. That’s awesome. I am delighted with what you’ve created.” ~ Gillian, proprietor of www.ShiftFrequency.com

“I’d like to congratulate you on your formulation. It is definitely helping my body cleanse the worst of the heavy metals.” ~ Valerie G., Bethesda, MD

Boris“Hate taking pills dude, seriously. Now that that’s out of my system, I will admit I love what this supplement does for my overall just plain-ol-feelin’-better… I have more energy, I am more alert, my dang head don’t hurt… Wish I could have this with no pills, but such is the modern world.” ~ Boris Y, Boca Raton, FL

“I am from Canada, but lots of chemtrails going on in Japan too, so cleaning and clearing chemtrails is alright in my book…. Love the product, and it works as you guys say. I tried another product in a similar fashion, but have not been too happy with it. The other product I tried just wasn`t working well enough.” ~ Lorenzo, Osaka, Japan

Rachael“As a friend of the originators of EnviroShield, I’ve been using the product even before they made it available to the public. They convinced me to try it when I complained about my headaches, nausea, and constant weakness, along with foggy mind. I can honestly say that, when I run out of it, I feel it. This is the most helpful thing I have ever taken, and I’ve taken all types of meds over the years. To think this is natural and actually good for me.” ~ Rachel K, NY

“After years of breathing all this chemtrail dust, I could not breathe for days after they sprayed. I was always tired and sluggish but couldn’t sleep at night. Since I started taking EnvioShield, there is a big difference in my body’s response to the spraying. Where before I struggled, I now have no problems getting my rest and feel much more energetic. Even my coworkers notice what a difference it has made in my alertness at work. I am so thankful for your creation.” ~ Lucie, Wappingers Falls, NY

Max“Just got back from a trip to Las Vegas. I took EnvioShield the entire time, and my recovery and headaches were less from everyone smoking and the general atmosphere there. It was awesome! I have never felt like that while there ˗ so I had to share that it was your product that protected me from Vegas air. It didn’t protect me from gambling, but that’s another story!” ~ Max L., Laguna Niguel, CA

“I tried Envioshield to see if I would feel a difference and I definitely do. After breathing in all the crap in the NY air, I had problems. Couldn’t think clearly or concentrate. Worst for me was breathing. After taking this product for a week, I don’t cough and wheeze anymore. My lungs feel clearer. Energy levels are better too.” ~ Conner S, Austin, TX “I love what this does for my body. It has helped clear up my skin, and I think it’s because of its detoxifying action.” ~ Trisha D, Atlanta, GA “I’m undergoing chemotherapy and feel the toxic effects every day. This is a terrific product, makes a big improvement in the way I feel.” ~ Stephani T, Bay Area

The following information is from the manufacturer’s web site

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I take EnvioShield over other supplements? Nothing similar to our product currently exists on the market; it was formulated especially to fill a very specific need. You would have to take 12 individual supplements to get the same results as you would takingEnvioShield alone. This would cost 4 or 5 times the cost of EnvioShileld! Why is eating healthy foods not enough to protect my health from the harmful effects of the environment? Even the healthiest, organic food sources are affected by the chemicals sprayed into our atmosphere as they make their way into the air we breath, the water we drink, and the soil in which our foods are grown all subjected to the harmful chemicals in the environment. Can I overdose on the supplements? Our supplements are made to be highly effective, and are therefore dosed on the higher side. We would recommend taking only the recommended 3 capsules at a time, and not any more than this amount. However we know some of our clients that take up to 6 capsules a day for even more protection. How will this supplement interfere with my prescription medication? When in doubt about combining your prescription medications with any dietary supplement, whether ours or otherwise, please consult your physician for guidance. Are there any side effects to taking your supplement? Our product is comprised of only the most natural, pure, well tested raw ingredients, and have not shown to have any adverse effects on people taking them according to directions. In the highly unlikely case you should notice an unexpected sensitivity to any of our ingredients, we ask that you discontinue taking the product immediately. Will EnvioShield cure any disease? None of our products were created to be used as a means of curing any disease, but rather for improving our quality of life by helping our bodies function at their absolute best, fighting off any possible environmental damage. What if I don’t find this supplement effective for my needs? We offer a 100% satisfaction or your money back guarantee.

†These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

What is the difference between EnvioShield and Folium pX? Both are designed to help the body eliminate toxic elements and chemicals absorbed from the environment. However, Folium pX is used primarily for removing radioactive contaminants, whereas EnvioShield is used primarily for non-radioactive contaminants, including aluminum, pathogens, fungi, and other infective agents. EnvioShield also helps the body repair damage from oxidative stress. The two products compliment each other nicely.

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