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This bundle contains four DVDs that were added to our catalogue at approximately the same time. They are on different topics, but there is a deep discount when purchased together.

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The following items, when purchased as a set, receive a 37% discount. The normal retail price is $78.00 but, in this bundle, the price is $49.14.

This package does not qualify for free shipping.

ShadowRingShadowRing (DVD);
This documentary is a forensic examination of the Council on Foreign Relations, commonly described as the hidden government of the United States. It retraces the events that led to the creation of the CFR and identifies the players who injected it into American politics. Includes commentary by G. Edward Griffin. DVD 75 minutes. Normal retail price $19.50.
MidnightRideMidnight Ride (DVD);
When Rogue Politicians Call for Martial Law.
If there is extensive civil unrest, would governments resort to martial law to maintain order? If so, what would life be like and how should we respond? Would that be the end of freedom in the world? Would citizens have an obligation to resist the ensuing police state or should they accept it as inevitable? 111 min.. Normal price $19.50
take-back-your-power-2Take Back Your Power (DVD) The 2013 NSA spying scandal exposed vast programs to monitor our personal phone calls and emails. Now governments and utility companies are working together to reach into our homes by means of so-called “smart meters” and data-harvesting devices. The results, already beginning to appear, are surveillance of private activities in our own homes, higher electric bills, and a proven health risk. DVD. 88 minutes. Normal price $19.50
fluoride-2Monopoly Medicine; How Big Pharma takes your money and makes you sick. (DVD)
Mike Adams, interviewed here by G. Edward Griffin, is known as the Health Ranger to his fans and is the author of many books on natural health as well as the editor of the popular Internet site called Natural News. His knowledge of natural medicine is nothing short of phenomenal. Be prepared for an enlightenment that could change your life. 107 minutes. Normal retail price $19.50

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