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Conspiracy Bundle #1. Contains 3 items: The Great Culling, Our Water; A Noble Lie, Oklahoma City 1995; and Capitalist Conspiracy, An Inside View of International Banking. Deep discount.


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Many people have been conditioned to scoff at the word conspiracy. They acknowledge that history is full of conspiracies but take comfort in the thought that there are few of them in our modern world. Yet, there is hardly a day that goes by without one or more conspiracies being described in their daily newspaper. If they spent just one day in the courtroom of their local community, they would witness numerous trials based on the charge of some kind of conspiracy. There are conspiracies in business, families, insurance contracts, contests, scientific research, and just about every type of activity known to man. Conspiracies are a fact of everyday life. In fact, they are as common as crime itself. Conspiracies occur in direct proportion to the size of the potential reward for success. The place where the rewards are the greatest, and therefore, where the temptation is greatest, is in government, which is why predators and criminals are attracted to government for employment. It should not be surprising that crooks seek to become mayors, sheriffs, congressmen, or presidents. Political offices are heavily populated with con artists – or worse. Many items from The Reality Zone touch on real-life conspiracies as they relate to specific topics in our list of Bundles. A few, however, are not so easy to categorize, so you will find them here.

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realityzone_2235_5358308The Great Culling; Our Water (DVD)  Population-control advocates have called for a drastic reduction in world population. The great culling of the human race has begun through chemicals added to our drinking water, food, medicines, and the air we breathe – chemicals that have the known effect of reducing fertility and shortening lifespan. Here is the story of how fluoride added to drinking water, supposedly to combat tooth decay, in reality is a covert dose of death.  It also shows how you can protect yourself. 2 hrs. Normally $19.95.
A Noble Lie; Oklahoma City 1995 (DVD) Plato explained in his Republic that a noble lie is a myth or untruth knowingly told by an elite to maintain social harmony. After viewing this documentary, you will understand that the official story of what happened in 1995 to the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City is a noble lie of the highest order. This story has great relevance today because only by knowing how this noble lie was sold to the public will we be able to recognize new ones in the future. 2 hrs. Normally $19.95realityzone_2235_5389706
realityzone_2235_358678The Capitalist Conspiracy; An Inside View of International Banking (DVD) Written and narrated by G. Edward Griffin. This is a video adaptation of a documentary filmstrip tracing the history of a small group of people who control the money systems of the world. It shows how this monopoly is protected by governments and how the group’s vast wealth is derived from creating money out of nothing. We see how this group wields power through government, foundations, education, and media. Produced in 1971, it is still one of our most-in-demand documentaries. 48-minutes. Normally: $19.50

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