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Each Christmas, we offer something special as an incentive to shop at our online bookstore. Last year, we gave copies of a famous book that has been out of print for about forty years. This offer was very popular and, since we still have copies in the warehouse, we have decided to repeat it his year.

If you already have this book, now you can get another copy at no cost and give it as a gift to one of your savvy friends. The book sells in our bookstore for $35 but, between now and December 17, you can …

Receive a FREE hardbound copy of
Report from Iron Mountain

This is one of the most controversial and important books of our time ˗ and it has been out of print for years.
It is controversial because of the uncertainty of its origin. Is it a secret document written by a CFR-dominated think tank commissioned by the U.S. Department of Defense (as claimed in the Report itself) or was it written by Leonard Lewin, the man who originally said he was given the manuscript by one of the writers who felt it should be leaked to the public?

It is important because it is a blueprint for how oppressive governments can keep their citizens psychologically incapable of rebelling. The solution, says the Report, is war. Only during war or the threat of war are the masses compliant enough to carry the yoke of oppressive government without complaint. Fear of conquest and pillage by an enemy can make almost any burden seem acceptable by comparison.

The Report also examines the possibility of an alternative to war that might arouse the same level of fear. It concludes that an end-of-earth scenario based on projections of environmental catastrophe holds the most promise for that purpose. It says that it makes no difference if the projections are correct. Credibility is more important than truth, and credibility can be achieved by repetition in the media.

Regardless of who wrote it, this book explains the reality of our present world.

Between now and December 17, which is our last order date for delivery by Christmas, a new, hardbound copy of Report from Iron Mountain will be sent free to all customers who purchase three or more items from our online catalogue.xmasbells

The Tuttle Twins and The Creature from Jekyll Island

This children’s book educates and excites its young readers as the Tuttle Twins uncover the curious mystery of how a powerful creature is stealing their grandparents’ hard-earned savings ‒ and how the twins also are being controlled by the same creature. Based on The Creature from Jekyll Island by
G. Edward Griffin. Enter (More)



Freedom Bundle

Everyone is opposed to tyranny, because we can see the dehumanizing consequences. Knowing what it is we want to replace it, however, is difficult. It is the common fate of mankind to throw off one tyranny only to replace it with another. The three DVDs in this bundle deal with the natural laws that must be obeyed for freedom to exist. Learn more at (More)



Here’s another repeat from last Christmas. It was a run-away high-demand item that took us by surprise.

In 2014, I purchased a pair of solar lanterns for use during the next power outage. I had an assortment of flashlights, candles, and oil lamps but, when I saw these lanterns, I knew I had found a better solution. They recharge from sunlight every day and provide light all night long. If the grid is ever knocked out by an X-class solar flare, an EMP, a severe storm, or an earthquake, it’s nice to have dependable emergency lighting.

The batteries re-charge automatically every day. My lanterns are working perfectly after almost two years.

Many friends who saw my lanterns wanted some for their own use, so I purchase a large quantity from the distributor to get a ridiculously low price and then added them to The Reality Zone. They are perfect Christmas gifts for just about anyone, including grandma. (More)

Psychiatry Madness Bundle

The unfortunate souls with mental disorders are not well served by the psychiatric profession. Schools that teach psychiatric practitioners, and the organ-ization that represents them have been captured by the pharmaceutical industry and converted into marketing agencies for drugs. If you know of anyone who is on psychotropic drugs, you will want to make them aware of this information. (More)



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